Ethics and Transparency


Welcome to Energisa Group's Ethics and Corporate Fraud Reporting Channel

We value ethics and loyalty in our relationships and repudiate any practice of corruption or fraud. The purpose of this channel is to facilitate the submission of complaints about misconduct related to the company, its employees or service providers, as well as to receive internal and external queries and suggestions on issues dealt with in the Code of Ethics, with the user being guaranteed secrecy and confidentiality.

Get to know the Energisa Group Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Learn more about our Integrity Program and download the Integrity Booklet.



This channel is exclusively for making complaints as explained in the paragraph above. If you need assistance to report a power outage at your unit, a billing problem, energy theft in your neighborhood, damage to electrical equipment caused by a power outage or request any other service, please go to the online service channels.

But if you really want to report an irregularity related to ethics, corporate fraud, bribery, sexual harassment, or any other illicit practice, please use the channels below. 


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