From the Zona da Mata Mineira to Brazil

In 1905, in the interior of Minas Gerais, a group of entrepreneurs built a hydroelectric plant to operate in the young and promising electricity market. The seeds of our pioneering and innovative DNA were sown.

In more than 100 years, to ensure our mission of providing universal, fair, efficient and modern access to electricity, we have become one of the few companies in the sector that operates from north to south, east to west of Brazil.

Every day, our 16,000 employees dedicate themselves to overcoming all obstacles in order to bring clean energy to 20 million people
: from city dwellers to river dwellers and indigenous people; from large industries to rural producers; from those who were born with
who were born with access to electricity to those who are experiencing it at home for the first time.

Energy solutions with the
customer at the heart of everything

To connect companies and people to the best energy solution, Energisa Group today offers the market a complete ecosystem of innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Alongside our traditional Distribution and Transmission fronts, we have (re)energisa 's solutions for decarbonizing the economy and the recently acquired ESGás (gas distribution). Voltz fintech expands its portfolio of services, including banking for more than a million customers.

When energy arrives,
lives are transformed

With energy, we move the engines of local economies, generate jobs and income, promote comfort and convenience and collaborate in the sustainable and inclusive transformation of entire cities, but also of communities and families living in isolated areas.

We don't see any limits or borders when it comes to carrying out this mission: in the legal Amazon, in the Pantanal, in the Caatinga, in the Cerrado, on the coast, by car, motorcycle, boat or on horseback, our teams overcome any challenge to bring energy to wherever it's needed.

How energy moves us


Strategic and operational expertise that has been built up over more than a century to lead Brazil's energy transformation.


Courage and creativity to explore new markets and technologies, in partnership with innovation hubs in different parts of the world.


We are the largest business group in the electricity sector with 100% national capital. Financial strength and market coverage leveraged by the strategic diversification of our portfolio.


People are the fuel we need to achieve our mission. We are among the 70 best companies to work for in Brazil, with 93% proud of belonging.


Our products and services are designed for all customer profiles, both domestic and corporate. We go to them, wherever they need us.


For a more sustainable world, we have made a public commitment to contribute to decarbonization, connect our customers to the best energy solutions and invest in economic, social and cultural development.

For 118 years, we have contributed to
transformation of Brazil through energy


Foundation of the Cataguazes-Leopoldina Power and Light Company


Listed on the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange


Start of hydroelectric power generation operations (Maurício Plant/MG)


Start of energy distribution operations (Muriaé/MG)


First profit sharing for employees


Start of thermal generation operations


Cat-Leo Energia S/A takes over the hydroelectric generation and construction business


Energisa Group becomes the holding company of the Cataguazes-Leopoldina System


New brand: all Group companies now use the Energisa name


Entering the wind generation market with five farms in RN


Acquisition of electricity generation assets from sugarcane biomass


Registration at BOVESPA Governance Level 2


Launch of CSE, which centralizes administrative operational services for the Group's companies


Start of power transmission operations


Acquisition of 87% of the share capital of Alsol Energias Renováveis S.A, reinforcing the Group's presence in energy 4.0


Launch of Voltz Capital S.A., the first fintech in the electricity sector


Launch of (re)energisa, setting the Group on the journey of energy transition


Start of centralized photovoltaic generation operations (Rio do Peixe I and II/PB)


Acquisition of ES Gás, giving new impetus to diversification with the fuel of the energy transition.


Acquisition of Agric, a fertilizer company, which adds new renewable solutions to the portfolio.