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Olympics: Energisa supports sailing medalists

Brazil's representatives in Tokyo, Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze, from the 49er class, talk about how dedication influenced their good results

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With representatives in 33 sports, Brazil achieved a number of victories at the Tokyo Olympics. One of the highlights was the double championship won by sailors Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze in the 49er class. The pair, who repeated their performance in Rio de Janeiro five years ago and won the gold medal, are sponsored by the Energisa Group through the Sports Incentive Law.

The duo Gabriel Borges and Marco Grael, who competed in the same class, also have Energisa Group sponsorship and finished the Olympic competition in 16th place. The sailors have won gold in the Lima Pan and, more recently, the South American Championship for the class, held in April.

In a video, the two pairs gave a testimonial to Energisa in which they told us about the challenges in the life of an Olympic athlete. 

Kahena and Martine recalled their passion for the sport and compared it to the routine of a company, which demands constant dedication from its professionals in order to keep up with market changes. 

Below is a video of the 49er women's pair:

Gabriel and Marco point to self-knowledge as one of the strategies for athletes who want to succeed in sport. This allows them to better understand what deficiencies need to be overcome.

Check out the statement from the men's 49er duo below:

Energisa Group supports a number of sporting and social initiatives in the regions where it operates, especially among children and teenagers. In Mato Grosso, for example, one of the projects is headed by a former Olympic athlete. Through his institute, Vicente Lenílson offers training in Olympic sports for underprivileged students in Cuiabá.

Children, teenagers, young people and adults

The Sports Incentive Law was sanctioned in December 2006 and makes it possible for tax-deductible funds to be earmarked for sports and para-sports projects. The aim is to increase the population's access to sporting activities, serving children, teenagers, young people, adults and the elderly. 

High-performance athletes, such as the sailing teams supported by the Energisa Group, also receive support through this law. They can thus take part in national and international competitions. In the current Olympic cycle - between 2016 and 2021 - the law has enabled 699 high-performance projects to be approved for fundraising, for a total of R$640 million.

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