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Energisa invests in Formula 1 technology to reduce the impact of collisions with poles

Mato Grosso and Tocantins lead the way in the number of occurrences; equipment made from rubber and sand has been used to increase the safety of people involved in accidents of this nature

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The number of collisions with electricity poles has increased significantly in Energisa's areas of operation. In 2023, 3,239 collisions (the technical name for this type of incident) were recorded, affecting the energy supply of 848,000 customers. The figures for the first four months of 2024 indicate an upward trend, especially in the states of Rondônia, Tocantins and Paraíba.

Haste, cell phone use and drinking alcohol are some of the factors that can contribute to this type of accident. As well as putting people's lives at risk, collisions with poles can also have an impact on the region's electricity grid, causing an interruption in the power supply to homes, businesses, health institutions and others.

Traffic safety must be a priority for drivers. A collision can cause both financial damage and pose a serious risk to the life of the person who caused the accident or to people who are near the scene," explains the coordinator of Energisa Tocantins' Operations Center, Tony Franco.

Investments in education and security

Aware of the size of the challenge of reducing the number of this type of occurrence, Energisa Group has invested resources and technology to increase public understanding of the risk of colliding with a pole, increase safety in the event of accidents and minimize their effects on the electricity grid.

One of the actions was the development of a technology that reduces the impact of hitting the pole, trying to keep it upright and helping the driver's safety in a collision. The equipment, made of rubber and sand, is installed on the structure of the pole and resembles those used on motor racing tracks, including Formula 1. This equipment is installed at strategic points, based on a mapping of places where cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, etc. are busy. This solution is already being used by Energisa Sul-Sudeste, Paraíba and Tocantins.

In addition, Energisa Group has been carrying out a kind of remote maneuver at the time of the collision, with the aim of re-establishing the power supply more quickly. The aim is to speed up the return of power to the largest block of customers, while the teams move towards the site of the incident.

What to do in the event of a collision? 

Sometimes, in their anxiety to help those involved in an accident with a pole, people can touch a broken cable and suffer an electric shock.

The risk of electric shock for those inside or outside the vehicle is extremely high, especially if the power cables are broken. Even though the utility's distribution network is equipped with protection technology to interrupt the supply in situations like these, it is always important to consider the network energized and take precautionary measures in this type of situation," says Tony.

If you are involved in or witness a collision with a lamppost, check out Energisa's tips to ensure your safety: 

  • Remain calm and stay inside the vehicle without touching the metal parts.
  • If you are not an occupant of the vehicle, keep your distance and inform people nearby about the risk of electric shock.
  • Immediately call the Fire Brigade (193) and Energisa (0800 721 3330).
  • Wait for the arrival of a specialized team from the distributor, who will carry out the procedures with the utmost safety.
  • Don't touch the pole or electrical wires. Even if they seem harmless, the wires may be energized and pose a risk to life.

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