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300,000 trees to refresh Cuiabá

Projeto Verde Novo, supported by Energisa, plans to distribute and plant 300,000 tree seedlings in the city over 5 years

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Mato Grosso

Cuiabá, the capital of Mato Grosso, is still affectionately called the Green City. The nickname, which comes from the region's abundant vegetation, has lost ground to cement and urban growth. But the Verde Novo project wants to rescue the city's roots, bringing greenery back to parks, sidewalks, schools and avenues.

In 2017, the Volante Environmental Court, one of the only courts specializing in environmental matters in the country, launched a pioneering initiative with the NGO Ação Verde. Aimed at environmental preservation, urban beautification and raising public awareness, the project involved planting, donating seedlings and educational activities for the population. Today, the project has become an official program embraced by the Mato Grosso Court of Justice (TJMT), covering Cuiabá and Várzea Grande, but which can be expanded to any city at the request of the local authorities.

Energisa Group has been a partner, supporting the project since 2019 and reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. An action that has not stopped even during the pandemic, continuing without collective actions, but with a door-to-door distribution of more than 5,000 seedlings in 2020 alone.

Delivery of a tree seedling

Energisa is a key partner in the project. We don't have any direct funding, there is no direct cost to either the TJ or the municipality. We work with volunteers and partners who donate seedlings or services. Energisa came in with a lot of knowledge, also helping with education and raising awareness in the communities and schools," says Sergio Savioli, coordinator of the project under the management of Judge Rodrigo Roberto Curvo.

The project supported by the company has already planted and distributed more than 190,000 trees in Cuiabá and Várzea Grande and doesn't intend to stop there. The idea now is, after the celebrations of Cuiabá's 300th anniversary in 2019, to reach another 300,000 trees over the next five years.

The action, which has the support of the population, aims not only to beautify the city, but above all to promote environmental awareness and civic engagement. Through educational activities in schools and community spaces, the project seeks to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of preserving the environment and the role of each individual in building a more sustainable city.

We always call on the local population to take part in the planting activities that take place in public areas during the rainy season. In this way, we expand the network of protection for this vegetation. There are laws that protect over-pruning and cutting, but when the population gets involved, we gain a lot of inspectors who defend nature. During periods of drought, we migrate to schools and private areas, as we need to take more care of the seedlings at this time. The educational work in schools also feeds the children, who are the greatest replicators of these ideas for a greener future," adds Savioli.

Another important precaution is to plant the right species that won't damage the electricity grid in densely populated urban areas. In this regard, the technical knowledge gained from the partnership with Energisa is invaluable.

At Energisa we have a clear value, which is to provide quality energy. But in order to do this, we always think about sustainability. That's why it's so important for us to be part of Verde Novo with the Court. In addition to the planting sessions, our employees are receiving seedlings to plant at home and are also taking part in awareness-raising activities," says Energisa Mato Grosso's CEO, Gabriel Alves Pereira Júnior. 

Planting a tree seedling

One of these collaborators is operations engineer Tiago Duarte. Having learned about the program through Energisa, Tiago picked up his first seedling in 2021 and today is proud to collaborate by growing the plants at home and then replanting the larger ones in open areas.

It's rewarding to take part in the project! Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of routine, but taking care of a tree takes less time than it seems. I've already planted an ipê tree that didn't fit here at home and now I have a graviola tree that has grown a lot too. Having these trees at home ends up influencing family and friends, who see how a simple action generates so many results," says Tiago.

Global warming is a reality and Cuiabá has broken successive temperature records. The Verde Novo project comes at a good time as an action that involves public authorities, private companies like Energisa and the entire population in a pollinating action that helps to mitigate a serious problem.

Energisa is not just here to provide a public service. It is a partner in the good initiatives that will develop, transform and make the state shine even brighter. If Mato Grosso is in a hurry, we'll run with it," said the company's CEO.

If you live in Cuiabá or Várzea Grande and want to find out more about the project, you can visit the website projetoverdenovo.tjmt.jus.br, access the project's Instagram at @projeto.verdenovo or contact Disque Muda on (65) 3648-6879.

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