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Energisa boosts Brazilian sailing talent

The group is dedicating a series of sponsorships to the sport that has brought the most Olympic medals to Brazil, including sponsoring two-time Olympic champions Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze, who are preparing for Paris 2024.

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After a successful career that culminated in a double Olympic title at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Brazilian sailors Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze are aiming even higher: a third gold medal at the Paris Olympics in 2024, a feat that has not yet been achieved by any Brazilian Olympic athlete.

Martine and Kahena's journey is marked by tireless dedication and a track record of success that has placed them among the world's greatest sailing athletes. Daughters of the renowned Torben Grael and Cláudio Kunze, respectively, the sailors have trodden a path of achievement since the start of their careers. The most recent came at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, where they secured qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Martine and Kahena have the renewed support of Energisa, which recognizes the potential of these exceptional athletes. The sponsorship provides the necessary resources for training, talent development and high-level competition, and is a symbol of the Group's commitment to sport.

Sailing is the sport that has brought the most gold medals to Brazil at the Olympics, with a total of 19 medals, 8 of which are gold. The competitions in Paris 2024 will take place between July 28 and August 8 at the Marseille Marina. In this Olympic cycle, they are dealing with the challenge of adapting to the changes in equipment for the class with a shorter preparation time, since the Tokyo 2020 Olympics took place the following year due to the pandemic.

In addition to boosting the journey of the two-time Olympic champions, Energisa is also investing in the future of Brazilian sailing by supporting youth sailing. One of the initiatives supported by the company is the team formed by Joana Gonçalves and Gabriela Vassel, talents who recently won the title in the women's 420 class at the 2023 Youth World Championships - the same feat achieved by Martine and Kahena at the start of their careers in 2009. Joana and Gabriela are some of the most promising prospects for the future of Brazilian sailing, and Energisa is proud to support them on their journey to success.

In addition to sponsoring individual talents, Energisa also supports initiatives aimed at strengthening the grassroots of the sport, such as sponsoring the program of the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela), helping to foster the sport from its very roots.

In a world where challenges test us at every turn of the wind, sailing athletes embody the courage and determination to overcome difficulties and go further and further. It's a sport that inspires the Energisa Group and its employees to keep breaking new ground.

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