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LUMI Festival transforms Nova Friburgo into a spectacle of light and color

Event occupies the city in Rio's mountainous region with 9 installations by national and international artists

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Rio de Janeiro

Light is a fundamental element in our lives, present in our daily lives in both natural and artificial forms. It is through light that we see the world around us. Its importance is also present in language. "To bring to light" means to give clarity and prominence to a subject, "to give birth" means to put a child into the world, a light bulb turning on is the perfect image of an idea coming to life.

That same light, which illuminates and inspires us, takes on a new meaning during LUMI - Nova Friburgo's Festival of Lights. From May 6 to 25, the city in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro will be the stage for this spectacle of colors and shapes that will transform the Dermeval Barbosa Moreira Square. The event is part of the town's 204th anniversary celebrations and is sponsored by Energisa.

A total of nine art installations using light as a raw material will occupy the city. The festival proposes a luminous immersion, with a playful and creative use of lights that transcends their everyday use. Finding a work of art in a public square, where you don't expect it to be, is very different from finding it in a museum, a space already created for contemplation. With this, the exhibition seeks to bring new possibilities of reflection to the public.

We are constantly surrounded by lights, both natural and artificial, while we remain locked in our mental caves," says curator Guto Nóbrega.

Photos of some of the works at the LUMI Festival

As well as offering a visual spectacle, LUMI is also committed to sustainability. All the lights used in the installations are LED, ensuring greater energy efficiency, and a special system lights the works only at night, optimizing energy consumption throughout the event. This is essential for a long-term exhibition.

Unlike other light festivals that last two or three days, LUMI will stay in Fribourg for 20 days. It will be the longest festival of lights in the country. This brings challenges, such as maintaining the works, but it also opens the door to greater visitation and long-term artistic thinking," says Gustavo Portella, the event's creator.

The LUMI Festival was approved by the Energisa Cultural Program, which fosters cultural diversity in the Energisa Group's areas of operation by supporting projects that have the capacity to promote cultural actions with a sustainable impact. The profile of the supported projects is multi-lingual, covering music, literature, audiovisual, visual arts, performing arts, popular culture and festivals. In 2023, 40 projects were approved in 10 states, with a total investment of R$18 million, benefiting 180,000 people. In Nova Friburgo alone, 4 projects were supported last year, with a total value of R$1 million, through the Energisa Institute (Usina Cultural).

The LUMI Festival in Nova Friburgo is an incredible innovative cultural action that brings together art, culture and sustainability in a very positive way. It is very much in line with the Group's public commitments and connected to the Energisa Institute, which maintains the Usina Cultural as an exhibition space. This is our contribution to the city's anniversary. It's inspiring to see how festivals such as LUMI provide entertainment and visual beauty, but also promote important values such as sustainable cultural development," says Eduardo Mantovani, CEO of Energisa Minas Rio.

Some renowned international festivals, such as Geneva Lux in Switzerland and the Fête des Lumières in France, served as inspiration for LUMI. In Lyon, the Fête des Lumières dates back to a 19th century tradition, when people placed candles in colored glass in their windows to celebrate the installation of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the city. In the 1960s, the tradition was modernized with a competition of Christmas lights in store windows, until it reached the present day with a high-tech light show invading the entire urban space, from sidewalks to facades.

Geneva Lux was created in 2014 and soon became a popular festival in Switzerland's cultural calendar. The festival also takes over the entire city with mapped projections and interactive visual installations, combining classical architecture with the latest lighting techniques.

The idea for LUMI came about after my visit to Geneva Lux. As a native of Fribourg, I felt there was a lack of events that offered impactful visual experiences in public spaces in the city. Dermeval Barbosa Moreira Square was chosen because of its strategic location, close to the shopping center and the city bus station. We want the public to have a moment of contemplation and enchantment amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life," said Gustavo Portella.

Guto is a reference in art and technology in Brazil. I asked him to curate the festival. My only request was that the research map the municipality, the state and other regions of the country. This way, we'll have a panorama that also includes international artists," Portella revealed.

Come and be enchanted by LUMI and discover the transformative power of light! For more information, visit the event's official website at lumifestival.com.br and follow the news on Instagram @friburgolumifestival. See the full program of Energisa's cultural activities on Instagram @institutoenergisa.


  • Dates: May 6th to 25th
  • Venue: Dermeval Barbosa Moreira Square, Center, Nova Friburgo - RJ
  • Participating artists: Artur Cabral, Coletivo Resistência Artística (Mario Moreira, Tiago Vianna and Cherman Serafim), Diego Alberti, Fernando Velázquez, Hugo Richard and Natali Tubenchlak, Nubia Gremion, Tosth, Vamoss, Guilherme Durão and Vigas
  • Curator: Guto Nóbrega
  • Production director: Gustavo Portella
  • Sponsors: Energisa and Rio de Janeiro State Government
  • Organized by: FAUNO - Arte e Cultura


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