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Energisa Group publishes 2023 Annual Sustainability Report

The report details the company's various social, environmental and governance initiatives and points to responsible long-term action

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Energisa Group, reiterating its commitment to sustainable development, has just launched its Annual Sustainability Report, which provides a public breakdown of the projects and results achieved in 2023. The document presents the way in which the Group conducts long-term business and acts to generate results that meet the aspirations of its main stakeholders and the urgent need to preserve the planet.

Energisa Group's 2023 Sustainability Report was drawn up based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which guide the publication of reports in a structured and transparent manner, focused on the management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. The assurance of all the information contained in the report was the responsibility of SGS do Brasil.

Growing investment

One of the highlights of the report is the 41% growth in investments directed towards socio-cultural actions, when comparing the years 2021 and 2023. Initiatives carried out last year received around R$54 million in funding and impacted 426,000 people.

Through the Energisa Cultural Program, the Energisa Group has promoted initiatives that have benefited more than 180,000 people. In total, R$18 million of the total invested went to 42 projects, such as the Cururu and Siriri festival in Mato Grosso, which brought together 18 folklore groups from the state in a festival to value popular events, projecting them as protagonists of local identity.

Another initiative supported by Energisa was the Literary Fair in Campina Grande, Paraíba, which brought together around 4,900 people in cultural and literary activities, involving ten state and municipal schools and benefiting over a thousand students.

Innovation & technology

Energisa Group's 2023 Sustainability Report outlines a series of actions to ensure the longevity of the business, increasingly focusing on innovation as a driver of development.

One of the initiatives in this area is E-nova, an internal collaborative project development platform to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity within the company. In line with the Group's strategies, the program was reformulated last year, reducing stages and implementing new types of product development process.

To keep all this moving, there is an Innovation Committee that decides which initiatives should receive support. The portfolio of projects is followed up periodically to monitor whether the results meet expectations. More than 300 projects have already been approved, with an average investment of R$125 million per year, involving a network of partnerships with 540 startups and research centers.

Education and energy efficiency

With the Nossa Energia Program, the Group is working on two fronts: promoting opportunities through professional qualifications and employability; and broadening communities' understanding of safe and efficient energy consumption. With 14 Mobile Educational Units equipped with interactive resources, the program offers a playful and digital learning experience for public school students and community residents, encouraging positive behavioral changes.

Last year alone, 458 municipalities were visited, 640 schools were served and more than 73,000 students were impacted by the educational content of the mobile units.

Another initiative of the program is the Energy Spaces. Designed to offer an immersive educational experience, these environments are dedicated to education and raising awareness about electricity generating sources, energy efficiency and sustainable development. The spaces are located in João Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE) and Campo Grande (MS), welcoming public and private primary and secondary schools, addressing concepts of combating wasted electricity, renewable energies, climate change and environmental preservation

Encouraging entrepreneurship and employability

Through partnerships, the Energisa Group is implementing initiatives aimed at education and income generation. The Rio Pomba Valley project seeks to foster a technology and innovation ecosystem in the Zona da Mata region of Minas Gerais, the company's birthplace. The project, officially launched in 2022, also aims to train human capital specialized in programming and attract technology-based companies to the region. In 2023, the project opened a second cycle of professional training, with a further 40 vacancies for full-stack developers, attracting around a thousand people.

Energisa Group is also one of the founding supporters of Estímulo, Brazil's largest impact fund. The initiative provides customized solutions to small businesses, including simplified financing, training and access to a network of connections, with the aim of fostering economic development. In total, more than R$60 million has been raised by the Fund and, by 2023, financial support exceeded R$180 million.

Support for National Sport

Energisa Group also values support for sport, sponsoring initiatives that range from training future champions to supporting high-performance athletes. In 2023, the two-time Olympic sailing champions in the 49erFX class, Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze, were sponsored by the company. The high-performance athletes will compete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In Búzios (RJ), another sailing duo supported by Energisa, Joana Gonçalves and Gabriela Vassel, won the Youth World Championship in the women's 420 class.

New business


The Sustainability Report also includes information on biomethane production. In 2023, the Group bought Agric, a company specializing in composting industrial organic waste and producing biofertilizers. The plan is to transform the plant, located in Santa Catarina, into the largest producer of biomethane and biofertilizers in the state, delivering to the market, among other products, a renewable natural gas, with diverse applications ranging from mixing with conventional gas to generating hydrogen.

ES Gas

Also noteworthy among the achievements of 2023 was the acquisition of ES Gás, Espírito Santo's leading gas plumbing and distribution concessionaire, marking the Group's entry into the natural gas sector.

Understood as a fuel that will contribute to the energy transition in Brazil and worldwide, positively impacting on the reduction of carbon emissions (and the consequent improvement in air quality), natural gas has enormous growth potential in all consumption segments (residential, commercial, industrial, automotive, air conditioning), not only in Espírito Santo, but also in other states.

You can download Energisa Group's 2023 Annual Sustainability Report here. Happy reading!

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