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Harmonizing lives: the transformative journey of the Sergipe Youth Orchestra

Orchestra celebrates 10 years promoting inclusion through music, with continued support from Energisa

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Music is a universal language that transcends cultural and social barriers. Learning to play an instrument not only develops artistic skills, but also enables students to express themselves in a unique and authentic way, encouraging social and professional inclusion. It is in this context that the Sergipe Youth Orchestra stands out as a shining example of how music can unite communities and provide opportunities for young people from different backgrounds. With the support of Energisa Sergipe since its foundation, the orchestra has stood out as a transforming agent in the lives of more than 600 children and teenagers who have passed through the orchestra over the years.

Musical learning stimulates creative expression, teamwork and self-confidence, inspiring the personal and social development of the participants. In addition, the orchestra serves as an important channel for strengthening community ties and building a more inclusive and culturally diverse environment in Sergipe.

 For Energisa, it is an honor to support the Sergipe Youth Orchestra, which for 10 years has been changing the reality of these children and teenagers, boosting dreams and bringing hope for a better future. With the partnership of the BANESE Institute, we have made a significant contribution to this social work that has been changing the reality of more than 600 children and young people, enabling social inclusion through music and contributing to the formation of future good citizens," said Roberto Currais, CEO of Energisa Sergipe.

One of these young people is 21-year-old music teacher and student Esdras Goes. Esdras joined the orchestra the year it was founded in 2014, when he was just 11 years old. He didn't know what an orchestra was or what classical music was, but he fell in love with this world and is now a violin teacher at the OJSE.

I remember a friend told me there was a music class at the orchestra and I went along wanting to learn the keyboard. I'd never even seen a violin. When I took some music aptitude tests and saw the teachers playing, I was enchanted by the sound of the violin and decided that it would be my instrument," says Esdras.

Esdras Goes, violinist and OJSE teacher
Esdras Goes, violinist and OJSE teacher


The experience within the project didn't just teach Esdras music, it opened up many other activities and helped him in other aspects of his life, such as school, for example, said the musician, who is now a music degree student at the Federal University of Sergipe.


When I joined the orchestra, I was a bit of a slacker at school, but musical discipline and a love of music made me understand the importance of dedication to your studies and how it can change your life. I met a lot of people in the orchestra, who always encouraged me and opened up many paths for me. I was able to go to Rio de Janeiro to see the Rio Youth Orchestra. Traveling with music is wonderful! Today, I dream of studying abroad, a dream that the Youth Orchestra has shown me is possible," said Esdras.

Another example is viola student Layanne Rocha, whose life has also been transformed by the project. A member of the project since 2018, she also joined the orchestra with a friend, thought she would play the violin, went through the choir and ended up taking up the viola.

A teacher once told me that you don't choose the instrument, the instrument chooses you. I was chosen by the viola. Through it, I can express myself in a very different way, I've learned a new way of dialoguing with the world around me. Within the orchestra, between staff and students, I've made friends for life," says Layanne.

Layanne Rocha, OJSE viola student
Layanne Rocha, OJSE viola student


For those who say that music isn't a profitable career and that it doesn't have a future, Layanne is proving the opposite. Now 21, she has started teaching viola at a school in Aracaju. In July this year, she will travel to Campinas to take part in an international viola congress. Full of dreams and ideas, she wants to continue playing more and more and passing on what she has learned.


I've always wanted to be a teacher. I thought I'd be a history teacher, but now I'm sure I'll be a music teacher. I've learned a lot in the orchestra, not only singing and the viola, but also getting to know myself better and exchanging with other people. I remember that from the beginning Ada Lacerda, my choir teacher, and conductor Marcio Bonifácio, looked at me with a very welcoming, encouraging gaze. That's the look I want to pass on to my students from now on," said Layanne.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Sergipe Youth Orchestra held a commemorative concert at the Tobias Barreto Theater in March this year. The repertoire was all based on the project's musical trajectory and the evolution that its members have undergone. Works by Beethoven, Vivaldi and Villa-Lobos were among the pieces performed in the show, which flowed from the classical to the popular.

The Sergipe Youth Orchestra is based in the Santa Maria district of Aracaju and currently serves 260 young people, providing musical initiation and improvement through the study of string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, choral singing and musicalization. If you are interested in getting to know and taking part in the project, you can get in touch via the orchestra's Instagram profile @orquestrajovemdesergipe.

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