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Dynamic programming: Instituto Energisa announces projects selected to occupy its cultural spaces

Every 3 months, new projects are selected in an open call for applications throughout the year; the initiative reflects Energisa's commitment to encouraging cultural production in the places where it operates

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In 2024, Energisa launched a new format for its cultural centers in Cataguases, João Pessoa and Nova Friburgo. Applications are open through a permanent call for proposals and, every 3 months, new projects are chosen for the program. The application process is simple, online and completely free, and welcomes proposals in the areas of performing arts, literature, audiovisual, visual arts, innovation and music.

This quarterly approach aims to make the process of occupying the spaces more dynamic, guaranteeing rotation and broadening the diversity of projects. The selection is based on criteria such as innovation, plurality, accessibility, conceptual relevance, audience reach, fostering new talent and originality.

In this round, 33 registered projects were approved and will be able to use Instituto Energisa's spaces free of charge, with the support of the team and the use of the cultural centers' technical equipment. Jane Correia, one of the producers included in the Call for Proposals, sums up the benefits of being among those selected:

When our animation showcase was selected for the Usina call for proposals, we immediately stepped up a level. After all, we knew that the audience, the films and the speakers would be guaranteed the best space in terms of both structure and reception. The Usina is as beautiful as it is fundamental. It's a cultural oasis for artistic projects in Nova Friburgo and we hope it continues to generate opportunities and plurality."

Check out the full list of projects below:

List of selected projects

Get to know Instituto Energisa's Cultural Spaces:

João Pessoa (PB) - Energisa Cultural Plant

Located in the former site of the first substation in the capital of Paraíba, the Energisa Cultural Plant is an example of cultural occupation of the typical industrial warehouses built at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Over the more than 20 years of its existence, the cultural space has hosted more than 5,000 events, including the Portuguese-speaking Countries Film Festival (Cineport), the Energisa Visual Arts Award, Fest Aruanda, as well as nine editions of the traditional Christmas at the Power Station, held annually with the sponsorship of the Energisa Group.

Four spaces are included in this call for proposals: the Vladimir Carvalho Room (a stage for theater and music performances, debates, lectures and audiovisual sessions), the Music Tent (which hosts performances and musical presentations), the Alexandre Filho Art Gallery (for visual arts exhibitions) and an outdoor area with gardens (ideal for creative fairs, performances and circus presentations).

Cataguases (MG) - Humberto Mauro Cultural Center and Ivan Müller Botelho Amphitheater

The Humberto Mauro Cultural Center was inaugurated in 2002, on the premises of the old Cine Machado, and today houses the Paulo César Saraceni Cineteatro (a venue for film screenings, lectures and theater, music and circus performances), the Zequinha Mauro Gallery (which hosts exhibitions by local and national artists), as well as a Multipurpose Room. Last year, the center hosted 50 different cultural actions and initiatives with a total audience of 32,000 people, most notably the 1st edition of FLICA - Cataguases Literary Festival.

The Ivan Muller Botelho Amphitheater, also in Cataguases, is attached to the Energisa building and the Energisa Museum. The space hosts lectures, concerts and theater performances, having promoted 10 cultural actions and initiatives in 2022, with a total of 5,000 visitors. The space's charm lies in its retractable roof, which can be opened to let the starry night overflow into the event.

Nova Friburgo (RJ) - Usina Cultural Nova Friburgo

The Usina Cultural Nova Friburgo is located in the former office building of the city's electricity company, in front of the beautiful Getúlio Vargas Square in the center of Nova Friburgo. The cultural center hosts exhibitions, courses, lectures, debates, theater, music and dance performances. Among the spaces offered in this notice are the Sala Maestro Joaquim Naegele (Usina Theater), the Café da Usina, the Salão Nobre and an annex space.


Notice of selection for free occupation of cultural centers 2024

  • Application period: throughout 2024
  • Announcement of those selected: 30/07 and 30/10/2024.
  • Registration: by filling in this form
  • Regulations: check out the full announcement


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