Innovation programs

E-nova: Energisa team at the annual awards ceremony for the best projects in the E-nova Program.

Innovation is for everyone

We believe that innovation is for everyone and a receptive environment for new ideas drives this practice in the Group. 

In order to prospect opportunities for innovation in strategic themes, we invest in programs that support and encourage innovative initiatives. This involves both our employees and partnerships with innovation ecosystems in Brazil and around the world.

Fostering a culture of innovation in a group with 118 years of history, which operates on so many business fronts and in such diverse territories in Brazil, is a huge challenge.

But since challenge is what drives us, we have progressively invested in strategies that decentralize innovation in the Group, promote the experience and engagement of employees, guarantee more protagonism to the authors of each idea and prioritize the quality of initiatives over volume. 

Learn about two of our main innovation programs


One of the largest innovation incentive programs in the Brazilian electricity sector, E-nova is an interactive virtual environment where employees can suggest ideas and take the lead in promising projects.

Each year, around two thousand ideas are entered into the platform. After being evaluated by various areas (operations and maintenance; safety; measurement, billing and revenue protection; organizational efficiency; customer focus; and the environment), they can be implemented, with rewards for the proponents throughout the process.

E-nova's priority is to getideas off the drawing board and into projects that benefit the day-to-day running of the company. Through connections with partner spaces, employees produce prototypes and work with 3D model tools to validate the solutions.

All the projects include indicators to measure the impact they will have on the business.


A program regulated by ANEEL that aims to implement new or improved innovative products, processes and/or services, and to transfer and disseminate technology.

The main focus is on generating knowledge and practical discoveries. R&D must therefore be creative and entrepreneurial, supported by an original technical and scientific basis.

R&D projects are key to ensuring that the innovation pipeline reaches all processes and areas of the company.. Our focus is on proposals with the greatest potential for generating value and impact for the business.



We brought clean, quality energy, 24 hours a day, to a community of 200 families located in a remote region of Acre, which previously only had access to 3 hours of expensive, polluting and unstable energy a day. The solution we developed was to build an energy microgrid powered by a photovoltaic solar plant and biodiesel backups, operated in an optimized and remote manner by energy demand control algorithms. The project brought comfort, convenience, economic and social development to the community and won a number of awards, including Solar & Storage 2022.

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We deployed a mobile energy storage system, attached to an electric truck, and developed a digital platform to provide efficient electric mobility services (tracking, "green uber", fleet rental, energy purchase).

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To separate phases of the multiplex network during intervention in the electricity grid, our teams use wooden wedges. In an action aimed at promoting intrapreneurship, the Group's employees were invited to develop viable solutions to the problem, in conjunction with the Fablab of the Federal University of Paraíba. One of our teams has developed a polymeric phase separator wedge, which is being tested in the field for scale production. When available, it will increase employee safety and speed up service.

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