Topics of Interest

Innovation in Asset and Operations Management
At the forefront of the energy transition, electricity distributors face complex challenges in asset management and operations. To optimize the performance of the electricity system, we seek to adopt digitalization strategies, implement new solutions and technologies that promote efficiency, resilience and automation, develop robust network standards to face climate change, and adopt an integrated roadmap for the transition to DSO (Distribution System Operator). The continuous improvement of operational efficiency, including improvements in field operations and the adoption of new tools, is key to overcoming the challenges and promoting a sustainable energy future.
Innovation in Energy and Renewable Solutions
We are focused on leading the energy transition to a sustainable future, where the safe production and distribution of clean energy plays a central role. We seek innovative solutions that optimize the management and maintenance of renewable energy assets, ensuring operational efficiency and longevity. Our commitment includes diversifying energy sources, offering personalized services to clients and exploring new models for selling and charging for energy. Through digital technologies for predictive and prescriptive maintenance and innovative marketing strategies, we are driving an energy transformation that promises a more sustainable and efficient future.
Innovation in Revenue Protection
We are investing in analytical solutions to monitor and identify deviations in energy consumption, allowing us to maximize our clients' compliance and promote a more inclusive and sustainable sector. We seek solutions that reflect our commitment to operational excellence and contribute to building a more promising future for the electricity sector.
Innovation in Customer Experience
Innovation is essential to providing a better customer experience. With the expansion of the retail market and consumers' increased power of choice, we prioritize 100% digital, personalized and agile customer service, aiming to solve challenges such as self-service, facilitating customer service journeys and implementing solutions based on generative AI in order to increase customer satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, creating genuine and lasting bonds and ensuring their loyalty to the company.
Innovation in Business Support
We are keen to boost the digitalization and automation of business support areas such as supplies, logistics, shared services and legal. To this end, we focus on solutions and technologies that not only promote the quality, reliability and control of processes, but also reinforce cyber security and data protection. We constantly seek solutions to challenges such as using business intelligence tools, implementing internal logistics solutions, ensuring the security of OT and IT networks, and automating back-office processes. Our goal is to provide a more productive, secure and efficient environment, allowing our employees to focus on higher value-added activities and shaping the future of electricity.
Innovation in People Management Sustainability
We want to have a positive impact on the lives of the Energisa community. On the one hand, we are looking for solutions that enhance team performance in operations and training while improving the quality of life and safety of employees. On the other hand, we are committed to environmental sustainability and the adoption of circular economy practices. We seek to lead the way in offering low-carbon solutions and technologies, promote the use of clean energy sources and explore opportunities in the carbon market. We are determined to lead the change towards a greener and more prosperous future.

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